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Skin Aesthetics Clinic

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Welcome to Birmingham, West Midlands
Popular Skin Aesthetics Clinic.

Million Dollar Look Skin Aesthetics Clinic is proud to be a 5 Star 3D-HydrO2 Facials and 3D-Trilogyice approved Clinic. We are qualified specialists offering the celebrities favourite 3D-HydrO2 Facials and 3D-Trilogyice systems. Our system is medically graded and clinically approved for all skin types.

Million Dollar Look is a boutique Skin Aesthetics Clinic Specialists providing you with bespoke facials so that you can also look “A Million Dollars”. We offer a variety of specialist services from laser hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, hydro facial and acne treatments.

Our therapists are qualified offering you advisory and specialist treatment services through state of the art systems as used by Dr Leah Totton, whom you will recognise as the The Apprentice winner 2013.

We offer a tailor made facial, skin and body aesthetics treatment following our consultation service. We promise to visibly improve your physical appearance to restore your self-confidence and improve your inner and outer wellbeing.

Alongside our skin and body treatments we recommend certified health products including vitamin supplements, oils, skin treatment creams and serums, to enrich and sustain your physical appearance and wellbeing.


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“ I had the Laser Hair Removal treatment with Million Dollar Look Skin Aesthetics Clinic here in Birmingham. The results following completion of my 6 session were amazing, long lasting hopefully permanent. Well done to Naz, great job and I highly recommend you”
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“For years I had acne scars which I would conceal through make up and with age it became harder. Million Dollar Look Skin Aesthetics Clinic’s Skin Rejuvenation and AlumierMD creams has ensured I no longer have to use concealer to specifically hide them. Real visible difference but you need to complete the course and invest in AlumierMD. Excellent small boutique by appointments only so no interruptions, thank you Million Dollar Look”
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“The 3D-HydrO2 Facial is absolutely excellent, following my session I looked radiant, fresh and had a lovely glow to my skin. I also bought the AlumierMD serums to ensure my facials had the maximum impact. I been coming to Million Dollar Look Skin Aesthetics a number of times now initially to have my eyelashes and hair cut. For me it is a one stop shop where I get my hair, lashes, facials done. They deffo made me look a million dollars”
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“I saw the promotion outside and was pleasantly surprised, I had a family wedding and so was picking up my clothes and was contemplating when and where to have my facial, nails, hair done. Needless to say, I no longer had to think about it, I got it all done at Million Dollar Look. So big thank you and highly recommended in Birmingham”