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2021's Quirkiest TikTok Beauty Trends | Million Dollar Blog

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With 2021 being another year of maskne, ‘Zoom face’, and excessive screen time, it feels like the beauty industry has been knocked off its axis, but beauty aficionados have been sharing their tips, tricks and hacks on social media.

Over the past 12 months, TikTok, the video-sharing platform that has had the power of catapulting cosmetics to success, was packed full of weird and wonderful skincare hacks and tips, as well as a handful of inadvisable procedures. While none of these will likely be seen in the coming beauty trends for 2022, here are three of the quirkier TikTok tips in 2021.

Nose blush

As we all found out, masks weren’t going anywhere in 2021, and we spent our time in shops and on public transport with our mouths covered and noses hidden. However, some people appear to have missed this central facial feature, which has led to the rise of the nose blush.

Few would ever have predicted a trend that involved slathering or dabbling hot pink blush onto the base of the nose. It was first seen on TikTok, as part of the app’s defining E-girl look, an internet subculture characterised by heavy eyeliner, thick brows, and often a faux heart-shaped freckle.

In 2021 the nose blush trend became mainstream, and the hashtag now has over 850,000 views!

‘Squid Game’ makeup

The Korean dystopian hit series on Netflix took everyone by surprise, with its gory violence, and full-face masks – not typically the kind of thing that inspired beauty trends. However, the show, which is about a contest in which players compete in children’s games with life or death stakes, seems to have done just that.

Social media users, including YouTubers James Charles and Raiza Contawi, have been showing off their own makeup looks, inspired by the show’s fictional contestants, such as Kang Sae-Byok, the cagey North Korean refugee. 

The makeup looks mimicked the show’s characters’ gaunt eye bags, sweaty sheen, and even injuries finished off with Sae-Byok’s trademark freckles.

‘Cheerful’ eyebags

The once-popular dewy and youthful glow seen on social media was overtaken by Gen-Z makeup enthusiasts who began to champion carefully constructed eye bags painted in bronze or eyeshadow.

However, some of them chased a very specific type of eye-bag shape known as ‘aegyo sal’ in South Korea, which roughly translates as ‘cute fat’, and is a puffy eye bag K-Beauty trend that is supposed to help make you ‘look younger and your eyes more cheerful and inviting’, according to website Soko Glam.

As well as a plethora of TikTok tutorials, and a range of aegyo sal-specific products launched by various brands, there has been an increase in interest in more long-term cosmetic procedures such as filler injections and cosmetic surgery treatments to achieve the look have even been seen even in the US.

On TikTok, a popular filter known as ‘Belle’, which superimposes aegyo sal onto users’ faces, also made the rounds, creating buzz for championing an Asian beauty standard, as opposed to a Western one.

Have you seen any quirky beauty trends on social media this year?

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