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6 Beauty, Skincare, And Makeup Tips For The Over 50s

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As we get older, many aspects of our lives and ourselves change, from our perspectives on life and goals to our bodies and health. Our skin, in particular, mature skin, has different needs as we age, and it is important to consider this when assessing our skincare regimens.

If youve been looking at the skincare trends for 2022, it will serve you well to make sure youre satisfying the needs of your mature skin to help keep it looking glowy and feeling healthy. We have a look at six tips to help look after your skin when you reach your half-century!


1. Moisturising concealer

Concealers are the superhero in any makeup collection, there to save the day by helping us to look wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, even when were half asleep or experiencing a breakout. However, as we age, our skin loses its elasticity, meaning finding the perfect concealer that doesnt crease or cake can be difficult.

According to experts, the secret is to avoid matte and powdery concealers, instead opting for creamy concealers with moisturising ingredients, such as oils and hyaluronic acid, which will help achieve a more natural finish.


2. Lightweight foundation

Choosing the right foundation is also key to achieving a more natural finish. Lookout for foundations that are moisturising and lightweight, and claim features such as hydrating, luminous, and buildable coverage, as these will be ideal.


3. Avoid salicylic acid

Salicylic acid has long been touted as a super skincare ingredient for the fight against acne and breakouts. However, it is not recommended for mature skin, as it can be quite drying. There is a caveat to this point: Oily skin at any age can benefit from salicylic acid.

For normal-to-dry mature complexions, try using a trio of skin-care products in its place: sunscreen, hydration, and antioxidant serum


4. Add vitamin K

Dermatologists recommend women over 50 this lesser-known skincare ingredient for use under the eye. Vitamin K will help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye sagging, wrinkles and puffiness, as well as locking in moisture.

5. Use these four skin-care ingredients daily

Experts also recommend that women over 50 also incorporate four key skincare ingredients as well as Vitamin K:

zinc oxide (or titanium dioxide, which both serve as sun blockers preventing sunspots and wrinkles)

retinol (which helps stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen production)

hyaluronic acid (for locking in moisture)

vitamin C (for synthesising collagen)


6. A minimalist skin-care routine is best

Over the years you will likely have acquired quite a collection of different skincare products, but more is not better. To keep a mature complexion looking healthy and feeling good, a minimalist approach is far better.

Keep your skincare regimen minimal to avoid irritation. A good sunscreen, a mild retinoid or retinol at night, and a solid moisturiser with hyaluronic acid or ceramides are really all that anyone needs.

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