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Christmas Party Glam Straight From The Office

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It has been two years since we have been able to enjoy a proper Christmas party, so it’s hardly surprising we want to make the most of it and look our best. However, it’s hard to look a million dollars when you’re going straight from work – if you don’t follow these tips, that is.


Million Dollar lashes

Who has time to put on endless coats of mascara these days? You can enjoy having sky-high lashes 24 hours a day by booking a Million Dollar lashes treatment that straightens your lashes from the root. This helps them look longer, thicker and fuller, without any falsies in sight.

Of course, if you want to adapt the look for the evening, simply putting on one or two coats of mascara will do the trick without having to fiddle with false lashes and glue.


Glowing skin

The trick to looking great all dolled up is to look great even without a hint of make-up on. That is why it is so important to look after your skin, particularly at this time of the year when unhealthy habits, late nights and cold weather can play havoc on our faces.

So why not opt for a hydro-facial that includes exfoliation, oxygenation, hydration, skin lifting and tightening, and a 2D-Hydr02 Peel? Your skin will have never looked better, and you will feel amazing after this treatment, with that confidence giving you star quality when you head off on your night out.


Fake tan

Many of us haven’t stepped foot out of the UK for the last year and a half, but this doesn’t mean we have to embrace pasty skin just yet.

Having a tan (real or not) can make your skin glow, clothes look better, and hide pigmentation problems. That is why it is worth having a fake tan before party day, as it will also mean you don’t have to slap on as much make-up to give you that sunkissed glow after you finish work.

Make sure you have it done a day or two before, however, so you don’t risk turning up at the festive do looking like you’ve been Tangoed.

Go for glitter

If there is a time you can get away with glittery outfits, shoes and make-up, the Christmas party season is it. You certainly won’t look like you’ve been slaving at your computer all day if you splash some shimmer on your eyes, some sparkle on your cheeks and sequins on your dress.

Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC Cosmetics, told Metro readers the trick to this look is “to not over embellish”. He stated: “A light sporadic dusting looks more elegant over a solid wall of shine.”

For the 2021 Christmas season, he recommended lining your eye with black kohl, mixing some glitter in with some clear lip gloss and tapping it over the eye lid, before finishing with lashes of mascara.

“It’s a glistening and glittery disco eye in a snap!”