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Get Your Legs Ready For The Summer

Skin Aesthetics Clinic

The weather might not be quite warm enough to get your pins out, but with summer around the corner and holidays potentially booked, it is time to start thinking about making your legs ready to bare.


The winter’s chill can dry out knees and feet like you wouldn’t believe, creating thicker, cracked skin and an ashy appearance. Now that you want to wear your sandals and slip on shorts, you should exfoliate and then moisturise your lower half as much as possible to hydrate them again.


A thick layer of fuzz on your legs might keep them warmer during the colder months, but you might want to get rid of all that unwanted hair before the summer arrives. Of course, there are many ways to do this, from shaving to epilating; however, the most effective and long-term solution is laser hair removal in Birmingham.

A course of six sessions will leave your legs smooth and silky, and free from the stress of having to keep on top of hair regrowth.


You want a tan to expose your legs, but you can’t get a tan without exposing legs, right? Well, nowadays with so many fake tanning products on the market, you don’t need UV rays to achieve that healthy glow. Opt for skin-friendly tanning lotions instead, building up the colour for a few days before slipping on your summer dresses. Don’t forget to tan all over, as there’s nothing worse than pasty white feet with bronzed pins.