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Get Your Skin Ready For Summer

Skin Aesthetics Clinic

Spring is a transitional season that brings lots of reasons for joy. It is the only one where the days are constantly getting longer and warmer, while bringing all sorts of lovely signs of new life, from spring lambs to the colourful blooms of the season.

However, it’s not just the world around you that is coming back to life, but your skin. This is the time when you need to get your spring facial care routine in full swing; some TLC will help you get rid of the flaky, dry skin of winter and leave your complexion moist and glowing ready for summer.

First of all, it is definitely time to exfoliate and be ready for change. Autumn and winter air is drier because, while it may rain (or snow) a lot more in these seasons, there is less evaporation, while windy days will blow both heat and moisture away from your skin. Now, you will need to repair the damage this does and also be ready to tackle the summer heat.

This won’t just apply to your face, of course, as the warmer weather will mean you show your legs and arms more too – and a bit more on the beach if you are confident.

Having a facial treatment in Birmingham is a great way to get yourself ready for the summer ahead.  It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for what everyone hopes will be a sunny summer, (especially in Birmingham itself with the Commonwealth Games coming).

As the weather warms up, your facial care routine will include only using light makeup to avoid pores getting clogged, while you will need a good sunscreen if you are fair-skinned.

By giving your skin a great treat now and shaking off the winter grime, you can give your skin a wonderful, refreshing treat and help set yourself up for the coming months. All you’ll need then is for the weather to behave.