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How To Care For Your Skin On Holiday - A Million Dollar Look

Skin Aesthetics Clinic

The bikini has been bought, taxi booked and you treated yourself to laser hair removal, which means one thing – you are going on holiday! While most of us spend ages looking forward to a sunny break and cherish the opportunity to let our hair down for a week or so, something we shouldn’t neglect just because we’re in another country is our skincare routine.

Let’s face it, we’re not great at sticking to our normal behaviours when we’re abroad. Somehow it seems acceptable to eat chips at 11am and drink cocktails like they’re going out of fashion. However, you should try to uphold your usual method of looking after your skin, as it’ll need the love and attention more than ever.


Indeed, the sun, sea and sand can severely dry out skin, so make sure you pack a good moisturiser.

Dr Barbara Strurm told Vogue: “Extra hydration is my focus when it comes to dealing with the dryness of travel.”

She told the publication to use hydrating creams, particularly during the flight. For a long journey, you might even need to reapply it to make sure it stays hydrated.

“I always travel with my Hydrating Face Mist, and I’ll often apply my Face Mask and leave it on while I’m sleeping too,” Dr Sturm commented.

In fact, face masks are ideal for holidays, as they sort out any dryness caused by the flight, as well as cool you down after a long day in the sun.


It might be tempting to grab as few things as possible to fit into your travel bag, especially if you only have hand luggage. But before you just throw a bag of face wipes into toiletry case, it is worth remembering the importance of cleansing.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Angjali Mahto said this is especially important when traveling to a hot country, as the skin sweats more.

“For those with acne-prone skin, this can be a trigger for a breakout – not so much the perspiration initially, but when it is left on the skin for a long time,” it was added.

To avoid having spots on those holiday snaps, cleanse your face twice a day. This will remove sun lotion and pollution, as well as perspiration.

The skin expert told readers to cleanse beyond their face too, saying: “This expands to your whole body. The neck, chest and back are also prone to breakouts.”


While most of us remember to apply plenty of high-factor suncream to our face and bodies, we often neglect our lips. However, they are prone to burning just as much as everywhere else.

You can buy lip balms with an SPF, which make sure your pout will remain protected from burning.

Dr Mahto also explains they are great after airplane journeys too: “The low humidity associated with cabin air can be quite drying for the skin.”

So before your lips shrivel, make sure you have a lip balm to hand.