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How Your Skin Can Survive A Birmingham Winter

Skin Aesthetics Clinic


With autumn now in full swing – or cascade when it comes to the falling leaves – many will be feeling the effects on their skin of the colder air, harsh winds and a lack of sunshine, even though this autumn has so far been milder than normal.

Of course, the tabloids are, as usual full of stories about how the first icy blasts of winter are imminent, bringing snow, hail and no doubt plagues of frogs before the end of October, with a ‘polar vortex’ making Britain like Siberia in November.

While such extreme weather is occasionally going to happen (remember the 2018 ‘beast from the east?’), your skin is more vulnerable from the overall effects of seasons over several months, rather than brief interludes of unusually cold, wet, windy or even sunny weather.

It is because these factors will all be taking their toll over a period of months that it’s a good idea to book some skin rejuvenation treatment in Birmingham.

The climate in Birmingham is not hugely dissimilar to the rest of the UK; after all Britain as a whole is classed as having a ‘maritime temperate’ climate that means it is never quite as hot or cold as other places with similar latitudes, but has changeable conditions.

However, it is worth noting that the whole West Midlands metropolitan area is higher above sea level than most built-up regions. Parts of Birmingham are over 500 ft above sea level and the city centre is officially listed at 488 ft. The highest part of the metropolitan county, Turner’s Hill, is nearly 900 ft up.

Being high up and relatively far from the sea, the Midlands will tend to endure colder winter temperatures than other parts of England, according to the Met Office. All that means your skin may suffer more, but with the right treatment we can soon get it looking great again.