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3D-HydrO2 is a favourite 7-in-1 super facial for many celebrities… have you had yours yet?

Million Dollar Look is proud to introduce the 3D-HydrO2 Facial system as recommended and used by Dr Leah Totton of Dr Leah Clinic whom some of you will also remember as The Apprentice TV Show Winner 2013 season.

We are proud to be a 5-Star Approved Clinic for the 3D-HydrO2 systems and can offer an industry-leading, pain-free service. Our system is medically graded and clinically approved to be used by our qualified therapists.

A Million Dollar System!

We are truly pleased to offer this award-winning system to you, so you too can enjoy the celebrities’ favourite 7-in-1 super facial where we promise to show you a real tangible visual difference so you can “Look a Million Dollars”.

Our Million Dollar Look 5-Star Facial includes the following 7 steps:

– 3D-HydrO2 Peel
– Exfoliation and Oxygenation
– Hydration
– Skin Lifting & Tightening
– Fire & Ice and Skin Lifting

Our Packages: Gold Package: £150, Silver Package: £120, Bronze Package: £85

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