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The Dos And Don’ts Of Skincare Routines

Skin Aesthetics Clinic

When it comes to skin, there is a lot of often contradicting advice as to the best way to treat the largest organ of your body.

Part of the reason for this is that whilst there are five main skin types out there, everyone’s skin is unique, has special requirements and may not react well to certain types of products or treatments.

Whilst some people may be best served by a laser hair removal clinic, for instance, others can get away with shaving or waxing their skin instead.

With that said though, there are some overlaps in skincare advice, and with that in mind here are some dos and don’ts of effective daily skincare routines.


Do: Keep It Simple

Over the past few years, in particular, people have been using a growing number of products as part of increasingly elaborate skincare routines using a wide range of powerful products.

This can cause product overload and pretty unpleasant side effects if you have sensitive skin, so it pays to use a small number of high-quality products.

Ultimately a face wash, moisturiser and sunscreen are the only products you need, with retinols and other powerful products nice but unnecessary.


Don’t: Copy Someone Else’s Routine

Social media, especially both Instagram and TikTok have allowed people to showcase their skincare routines to the world, but because everyone’s skin is so different, do not expect their routine to work for you in exactly the same way.

As well as this, before using products shared on social media, especially by influencers, it pays to do your due diligence and research the brand, product and ingredients, as well as customer reviews from people with a similar skin type to make sure that the product works as they claim.


Do: Use Sunscreen Year-Round

Ultimately everyone is free to wear sunscreen, but whilst people tend to limit the use of SPF creams and lotions to the summertime, there are a lot of benefits to wearing it in winter as well.

UVA, the ultraviolet radiation that can cause premature ageing in skin is present and can affect you even on cloudy days and through glass, meaning that a good piece of advice is to use it whenever you plan on spending time outdoors regardless of temperature.


Don’t: Use Products With Harmful Ingredients

One of the more positive aspects of the modern skincare routine is the ruthless approach many beauty influencers take to commonly used but exceptionally harmful ingredients.

Fragrances are one of the biggest issues, with some types being a leading cause of dermatitis, whilst alcohols can damage the skin’s natural defences.

As well as this, other exceptionally concerning ingredients to avoid include the plastic softener and fragrance enhancing phthalates, the preservative formaldehyde (more commonly known and used for corpses) as well as preserving parabens.

Whilst some of these products are difficult to avoid outside of purchasing expensive specialist products, aim for a less-is-more approach to products that have a chance of irritating your skin or causing more substantial damage later in life.