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The Most Unusual Skincare Treatments

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The hunt for the best skincare treatments to meet the particular needs of someone’s skin is somewhat broad and leads to an array of unusual and bizarre treatments being tried.

Whilst moisturising, cleansing and trips to the laser skin clinic are enough for some, others have tried treatments that can charitably be called exotic.

Here are some of the most unusual treatments and the logic behind them.


Vampire Facial

The name alone is enough to put this treatment on a list of unusual skincare treatments, but its methodology is somehow even more bizarre than its name suggests.

Officially known as a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial, it involves taking blood from a patient, using a centrifuge to separate the plasma out of it and then injecting it into the face which in theory rejuvenates the skin via triggering its own healing response.

It became famous due to appearing in an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, but the treatment has divided opinion.


Fish Exfoliation

Exceptionally popular in Southeast Asia although increasing in popularity throughout Europe and the rest of Asia as well, fish pedicures involve the use of Garra Rufa, otherwise known as the doctor fish.

In the wild, they would suck and nibble at the dead scales of other fish and the exfoliation works in a similar way to your feet. You are taken to a sanitised tank where the fish nibble at your dead skin, with some claiming it has helped their dry skin and even athlete’s foot.


Snake Massage

Massages are primarily focused on reducing stress, strain, knots and boosting blood flow throughout the body, but whilst they are mostly undertaken by professional masseuses, one clinic in North Israel uses half a dozen snakes instead.

You lie face down on a massage table and feel the large, nonpoisonous snakes slither around you, which apparently helps with migraines and muscle tension, if you can get past the worry that if you make a sudden move they’ll bite out of fear.


Beer Skin Bath

In the Czech Republic, at least one brewery offers a spa treatment that involves soaking in dark beer. Apparently, this can help reduce blood pressure, with the yeast and hops also helping to reduce the effects of acne, cellulite and psoriasis through exfoliation.

You do also get a pint to drink alongside the bath, so there is a chance that the relaxation you are feeling may not just come from its effect on your skin.

A very similar treatment involving wine is also very popular in Japan.


Snail Facial

A rather unusual treatment even by the standards of this list, the Labo Salon in Tokyo offers a facial treatment where snails are placed on your face and slither around.

The logic is that the slime that they leave behind helps to moisturise the skin and remove dead skin cells, but it naturally is the kind of treatment that is not for everyone, particularly if you are not comfortable with slime on your skin.

A similar treatment involving leeches combines this with the vampire facial, where leeches suck blood out of the skin which is then turned into a mask to help tighten the skin.