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Time To Get Laser Hair Removal For The Summer? - A Million Dollar Look

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If this week has shown us anything, it is how unpredictable the British weather can be – one minute we’re out in shorts and sunglasses, the next it is snowing! It is this unpredictability that makes it difficult to be prepared for those rare sunny days, particularly if you have to de-fuzz yourself each and every time.

Therein lies the biggest benefit to laser hair removal, as permanently removing hair, whether on your legs, arms, bikini line or underarms, means you don’t have to hide yourself in long layers or a sweaty pair of jeans when the temperatures do rise, as you are already smooth as baby skin.

Of course, there are many hair removal options these days – from shaving to waxing, epilating to using cream. However, none last as long as laser hair removal, seeing good results after a few sessions.

Though you have to commit yourself to a course of treatment to target the hair follicles at various stages of growth, once the course comes to an end, you can be confident you can bare your legs or lift your arms up without worrying some spiky hairs will stick out.

Now the sun has started to make an appearance, you can be sure it’ll return on and off until the end of summer. While it might not be the consistently warm weather most of us want for the season, there will definitely be plenty of times to throw on that skirt, get the arms out in sleeveless tops or have fun in the garden in a pair of cool shorts. So don’t let a restrictive grooming regime stand in your way of enjoying the sun while it’s here!


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