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Top Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

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Depending on whether you gradually alter your skincare regime to meet the challenges of each season or make a sudden switch in November, winter poses a lot of unique challenges to your skin as a result of the colder weather.

Before the chilly winds, rainstorms and snow can have a chance to set in, here are some top tips to get your skin ready for winter.


Use A Thicker Moisturiser

In winter, the air is drier than it often is during humid summer days. This can have an effect on your skin that is only magnified as people turn on their central heating systems.

As a result, a thinner summer lotion will not provide enough moisturisation to keep your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Instead, opt for a thicker moisturiser with Shea butter or almond oil as one of its ingredients to create a natural barrier to protect your skin from the elements.

One element of your skincare routine that should not change is using sunscreen. Even in cooler weather, your skin is still exposed to UV rays.


Hydrate More

The importance of hydration in skincare is well known, and in the summer months, we know to drink more water to offset the amount we lose due to the heat.

However, in winter, drinking water is even more important as our skin needs extra hydration.

However, one exception to this is showers. If you love to take a long, hot shower, you may be stripping your skin of a later of moisture, running the risk of dry, brittle skin.

Instead, take shorter, cooler or lukewarm showers and lather up with shower gel, and make sure to moisturise after you get out of the shower.


Begin A More Frequent Exfoliation Routine

Over the summer, many people stop exfoliating as often because it can lead to skin that is more sensitive to the sun over the summer, much in the same way people stop using retinols as often.

However, the secret to beautiful skin over winter is regular exfoliation, to remove layers of dead skin and encourage healthy renewal.

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