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Why Winter Is Still A Good Time For Laser Hair Removal

Skin Aesthetics Clinic



While every year we carry out innumerable laser hair removal procedures in Birmingham, it is not hard to find ladies who take a rather different attitude to the issue of body hair.

There are, of course, those who go as far as to fully embrace their body hair and have hairy legs and armpits like men all year round – and expect any men encountering these to be fully on board with it. Never mind laser hair removal; even a shave is off their agenda.

However, a more middle of the road position might be to let things ‘lie fallow’ a bit more at some times of year. While summer might be a time for showing rather more skin with summer dresses, shorts and bikinis on the beach, winter is a time for wrapping up warm with tights and leggings, woolly jumpers and long-sleeved garments.

In such cases, it might seem wise not to worry about a bit of extra hair until the warmer weather returns, especially if the area you will be most interested in having treatment for is in the bikini line region.

However, that approach would be an error if you are planning to undertake laser hair removal. In fact, winter is the best time to begin.

As the McLean Clinic in Canada points out, the way laser skin treatment works is through using a beam of light that penetrates beneath the skin surface to destroy the hair follicles, meaning that the hair cannot grow back. 

To be effective, this needs to be done multiple times, every 4-6 weeks, so you can’t get the best benefits by starting in spring unless you want to wait for the end of summer before they arrive. 

The most effective laser hair treatment is on patients with dark hair and light skin. The greater the contrast, the better the laser works. By doing it in winter when those with pale skin will be at their whitest, this effect can be maximised. 

Moreover, there are certain things you won’t be able to do ahead of your first appointment, such as plucking and waxing, or applying fake tan. This means that temptation not to bother with too much shaving or grooming during winter will actually be ideal for this situation.  

In addition to all that, in between treatments hair can sometimes grow back unevenly, so it’s a great idea to be able to cover up to prevent this being revealed to anyone you don’t want it to.

Of course, Canada has colder winters than Britain and also warmer summers, but the principle still applies here; it’s quite cold enough to want to wrap up warm on this side of the Atlantic in winter and hit the beach once it is hot enough in the summer months. 

By getting started now or soon, you can get all the treatments, the awkward growths, the weeks of not shaving or waxing out of the way, and make sure you have the treatment fully done by the time you start reaching into the draws to pull out the bikini that’s been hidden away for months.